Yakka (Work) Large Seated Desk - K (455mm)


A hardwearing primary school desk that is joyfully different from the rest.

The Large is suitable for two children. The junior desks are available in year-group sizes, so they are proportionate to a child’s stage of development.

The Yakka desks are easy to manoeuvre. For the Large size, two of the four legs have castors so a child or adult can tilt the desk (much like a wheelbarrow) and wheel into a new position. Within minutes you can switch from individual work to group work, or whole class activities.

The tops – triangle-shaped for the small and trapezium-shaped for the large – feature a generous corner radius. In a classroom setting they can be arranged in a multitude of configurations, which drives dynamic thinking and self-led learning.

Koskela utilised biophilic design principles, which are based on a connection to nature, to develop the Learn by Koskela range. Our colours are inspired by the Australian landscape. Where possible we have made natural finishes and materials available while maintaining affordability. For the Yakka desks, birch laminate is an option for the tops, and a metal/timber combination is an option for the legs.

Yakka translates to work, and the word originates from the Yuggera Aboriginal language in Brisbane.


Year Group:

Year 1-2 (525mm)  Year 3-4 (590mm)  Year 5-6 (710mmH)  
Colour: Burra (Sky)

Important Information


  • 1190mmL x 680mmD x 455mmH


  • Castors
  • Eight-week lead time
  • Seven-year warranty
  • After-care maintenance program

↓ Download the spec sheet

Learn by Koskela products are made-to-order in Australia and take eight weeks to manufacture.

We encourage you to build a quote by selecting all the products in the quantities that you require. When you submit the quote we will promptly respond with a delivery date and a shipping quote.

We can work with the school's facilities manager or equivalent to coordinate delivery and installation with as little disruption as possible.

If you would like a demonstration of the Learn by Koskela products, information about bulk pricing, or would just like to speak to a person please arrange a consult and we will be in touch!

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