Learn by Koskela is proud to donate 1% of revenue (roughly 10 percent of profits) towards the Ginda Barri program at the Macleay Valley Workplace Learning Centre (MVWLC) in Kempsey.


A sense of belonging

MVWLC caters for students from Year 9 to Year 12 who have fallen out of mainstream education for a variety of reasons. They provide a supportive and flexible environment where students can develop a sense of belonging, pride, personal identity and cultural awareness. 

The Learning Centre is overseen by Principal Mark Morrison, a truly dedicated and inspiring leader who was featured on Australian Story. He founded the Ginda Barri program as a solution for continuing to educate the young mums enrolled at the school. 

Principal Mark Morrison

Supporting student mums

“In that first year [I was Principal] we had a girl who was pregnant. She came to college and then, when she had the baby, she never returned. I was upset, but I was more angry with myself that I hadn’t actually paid attention to what she needed. So we turned our library into a little creche where we could have the mums and the bubs in together and to be able to support these girls to come to get some form of education.” 


Ginda Barri (Happy Place)

The program was originally named Naanggu Dhalayikurr Ginda Barri, which means Mother Children Happy Place in the Dhanggati Aboriginal language. It has since been shortened to Ginda Barri (Happy Place). 

Today there is a dedicated centre for the Ginda Barri program at the MVWLC campus. It’s a very supportive environment with a tailored curriculum for the students mums.

Social Impact

Business as a force for good™

Koskela is a proud Certified B Corporation® that is committed to Social Impact. We are particularly passionate about supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Through our education range we hope we can make a difference to the lives of the young women at MVWLC campus, which has a high proportion of Indigenous students.