Budbili (Possum Skin) Rug


Rest assured the Budbili (Possum Skin Rug) Rug is not made of possum skins. This is just the name we have given the rug in line with our commitment to use Aboriginal language words to name all the Learn by Koskela products.

The Budbili is in fact made from goat hair harvested from goats in their natural habitat on the plains of Mongolia. This natural product with stain resistant properties has been combined with a small percentage of regenerated fibres into a durable corded construction, which increases soil hiding.

We have taken the curved triangle shape of the Yakka Small Desk and used it in the design of this rug.

Not only will Budbili bring colour and texture to spaces, it also actively reduces airborne dust and allergens, promotes energy saving, and excellent indoor acoustics. Show

Colour: Burra (Sky) Solid

Important Information


  • 2000mmW x 2000mmL


  • Goat hair
  • Eight-week lead time
  • Seven-year warranty
  • After-care maintenance program

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Learn by Koskela products are made-to-order in Australia and take eight weeks to manufacture.

We encourage you to build a quote by selecting all the products in the quantities that you require. When you submit the quote we will promptly respond with a delivery date and a shipping quote.

We can work with the school's facilities manager or equivalent to coordinate delivery and installation with as little disruption as possible.

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